Hey there good old bloggity blog blog. Jeez, I hadn’t realized it had been sooooo loooong since I posted. But it’s hard to top the awesomeness of the Doritos Flavor Nugget.

So here we are, already in 2011. Lots has gone on in the past, oh almost year and a half since I posted. Our friend Kelvin got married to Eva. Great lady who keeps us steeped in low-fat dessert goodness. Todd and Karissa aren’t just dating any more; they got married in 2009, just one day before our vary own anniversary. Then last year my Mom had a stroke; the true definition of awful. She is doing good on her recovery track now, but man that was a hard/emotional/exhausting June. Then we lost our old lady kitty, Faster. Another truly agonizing week. I’m telling ya, in many deep emotional ways 2010 = the suck.

But being eternally optimistic (pretty much learned from my Mom), good things did happen. Our friend Amy had her second baby, a real cutie he is! Todd and Karissa are expecting their first baby. We are so excited for them. Brad’s dad Jim finally retired this October and we orchestrated a surprise visit to celebrate with them down in FLA. Boy was that fun! We also surprised our nieces. I don’t think I have every seen anyone so surprised as Emmaline was when we showed up at the door! We adopted two little kittens, Shitake and Pepper. They are so cute and cuddly and full of life. We have enjoyed having them and their kitten energy. Then Brad re-connected with a friend from his days at Full Sail in Florida. Chris and his wife Kim just moved back to Oregon last fall after 15 years in NYC. We are pleased to have discovered a new set of friends with whom we get along so well with. It’s been fun getting to know them and expanding our social life. Oh yeah, and the SF Giants finally won the World Serious. It was lots of fun to watch and super exciting when they clinched it!

Now 2011 is in front of us and looks to be a good year. Brad’s parent’s have just moved to Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. They are super happy and we are happy for them. Looking forward to them visiting us this Spring; and in turn visiting them and Leah’s family for Christmas in Tenn.

No year is ever totally bad, because Brad and I have truly a great life. My 20th high school reunion is this year. 20 years. Seriously. Not sure if I want to go or not. But lots of other fun, much less awkward stuff awaiting us I am sure.


Brad and I are food geeks. There is no getting around that for sure. We love food. We like going to new restaurants and critiquing our meals like we judges on Top Chef; Food Network is one of our favorite channels; Anthony Bourdain.. don’t even get me started on how awesome he is. If it involves food and cooking; we like it.

I read lots of food blogs and marvel at the tasty recipes and the beautiful photography included on them. Brad and I are working on our photog skills and want to shoot food more often. So this week we had the opportunity to document something not usually considered a good part of one’s gourmet experience.



Our good buddy Todd and his lovely girlfriend Karisa recently took a trip to Mexico and Todd came back with a wonderful treat. It is a chocolate egg with a surprise inside… toys! Mine had this awesome Trojan-esque boat in it. It was in about 5 little pieces and you got to piece it together and even put the Trojan helmet sticker on yourself. Awesome!! Brad got one with a top in it. Needless to say he was jealous of my little beauty.



I have an unabashed love of Doritos. Say what you will I love ’em and I buy them. I don’t try to do it too much; because otherwise I would become a great big fat person. So I was enjoying some Doritos this week and I reach in for another piece of Nacho Cheesy goodness and I get…. a chunk of charcoal! What the?! I expect to get the odd burnt chip in any bag of chips I purchase. But this was a big old piece of char. Yucko. But it did make for an interesting photo subject. I did go online to Frito-Lay and posted a complaint about the errant Flavor Nugget. No surprise here – I will get a coupon for a whole new bag of Doritos within the week. Upcoming forecast in Ann’s life: more orange cheezy fingers.

Also we celebrated our friend Kelvin’s birthday this week and made him cupcakes with strawberry glaze. Always a good week when you get to have cupcakes!!!


Hello blog fans. Yes, the blog is awakening from a bit of a winter nap. Time to update the header and get the winter blast blog off the top.

What have we been unleashing on the world lately? Well… not a whole heck of a lot. I have been working my butt off. Doing my best to buck the recession trend and job lossiness that is affecting so many folks. As is most things with me; it happens due to dumb luck and little to know actual effort on my part. Yes, I am one of the luckiest and laziest people around.

Our PS3 decided to kick the bucket. And being that it is one of our main entertainment tools and evening decomression devices – it was sad to see it go. But must say that Sony’s return department is pretty quick and we got a new PS3 today (I assume as it only got to them like on Monday) and we only sent it off to Sony last week. Way to go Sony!

Brad and I have joined the Facebook minions. Along (it seems) with everyone else we know. Yes, another digital time suck has fallen into place; taking yet more time away from dear blog and knitting and going outside and interacting with humans.

That is about it for us. Much nose to grind stone lately. Working and the earning of dollars. Which is nothing to spit at these days.





Well, less dashing… more trudging (that’s me on our front steps – it’s deep!).

Well we are in the midst of Winterstorm 2008! Oh my, is it snowy here! We have over 14″ accumulated snow at our place. The snow drifts are even deeper! It is pretty crazy. The most snow that the Portland area has had in 4o years.

We bundled up and set out to enjoy the winter wonderland. It was a bit of snow to get through – but how can you resist walking in this?


This has been a common site throughout our neighborhood.


It’s been pretty neat to see all the snow. It has been rough for those who were trying to travel for Christmas. And folks who have had to deal with stuff like this:


Yikes! The street was closed all day. Didn’t look like the house was damaged, but some overhead lines seemed to be damaged. Hopefully they still have power! What a mess for those folks. So lucky we are not in this situation. But we already had our home troubles for this year!

We are very happily making the most of the snowfall. Taking daily walks and lots of photos to document the snow. Snuggling up with our kitty watching movies and playing video games.

This is a common site over the last couple days:


Faster for sure helps Brad with his game strategy. Plus she is like a nice little lap warmer!

Hope everyone is looking forward to a great holiday! Hopefully weather isn’t impeding your plans or travel too much!



So our honeymoon to Australia was AWESOME! We had such fun and it’s a great place to visit.

For those we haven’t bored to tears with a slideshow of our photos. Seriously, it takes at least 2 hours to show them. And we don’t even show them all!

We have the best of the best posted to Flickr. So you can view them at your leisure. Enjoy!


ps. that pic is of a bird called a Cassowary. Totally my favorite animal that we learned about in Australia. They are totally cool and unusual birds. Oh, and they can kill you.

It is snowing in Portland. If you do not live here, then you do not know the panic that it causes. Well, panic for some and excitement for others. Either way, it screws up the roads and shuts the town down at times!

Monday most folks stayed home. It was icy, icy in the morning! We had a snow day. Well, Brad did. Since I work from home no excuse for not going to work! Dang it all!

We snapped a couple pics on our walk last Sunday.



These and more photos can be seen at our Flickr account. See them HERE.

It was a nice little walk. Cold! Very cold for us up here! Looking forward to lots of hot chocolate and cookies during the next storm!



So, this post is pretty past due, but we had quite the surprise when returning home from our honeymoon.

Our good buddy Todd was dropping us off from the airport. We had been traveling for 30+ hours on our way home from Australia. That’s right THIRTY HOURS! Needless to say we were a bit tired. We pull up to the house to find my parents, sister and bro-in-law at the house. We are like WTF??!?! What is going on? The answer: our upstairs toilet had leeked and ruined the bathroom floor, living room ceiling and had even gotten down into the basement. Oh and the furnace broke the other day too.

The upshot of this: yeah you are coming home to find your furniture all jammed in to the family room; but our family fixed all the water damage, replaced the bathroom floor, replaced the whole ceiling, pulled up all the carpet and slapped a coat of finish on the hardwood floors, and fixed the furnace.

Lemme tell ya it was quite the scene to come home to after all the traveling. They were telling us all this detail stuff and it was just bouncing off our brains.

Anyway, now we have a new living room, with original hardwood floors. And a new snazzy area rug from design mecca headquarters, Home Depot!

Check out the new family room we never expected to get this year:



These pictures are kind of weak, but the room is kind of awesome! Especially with our new mirror (seen in the top pic) we got as a wedding present from our Rev Dan O’Brien and his lady Jill.

We are some lucky folks and we are reminded daily when we walk into that room.


We are still here and still blogging! Once in a while anyway.

It’s been pretty busy since the honeymoon. We had a GREAT time in Maui and Australia. Lots of great memories and photos. There will be a post soon more about that. Then we will have a bunch of pictures up at our Flikr account soon to for your visual pleasure.

Holidays are here and are taking up some time – I can hardly believe it is December already! Just had a great Thanksgiving with the Gebo clan. Good eats and good convos. Fun time had by all!

Anyway, just wanted to stop in and see the blog. Give it some love. Be back soon.


image from valls photographic

Better late than never for a post wedding post (ha!). Seriously, though the big day was better than I could have ever imagined. We had a great time and everything went off without a hitch. It was PERFECT!

We had an absolute blast. We were so happy to share the day with everyone that was able to attend. And our thoughts were with those who couldn’t make it. It was great to see all the family and friends – I only wish we had more time to be able to speak with everyone!

We were just blown away after it was all over. Major props have to go out to Mr. Dan “The Rev” O’Brien, officiant extrodinare. We had no idea what he was going to say, as he wrote the whole ceremony and our vows himself. We couldn’t have aksed for more. It was spot on and so personal and moving. You sir, have our eternal gratitude.

Also big thanks to Todd and Sarah. How lucky we are to have the bestest of friends stand up for each of us. You two are always there for us and we were especially honored to have you both be a big part of our special day. Not to mention helping make the day go smooth and lift stress and worry off our shoulders. You both are the best!

John and Theresa Valls our photographers were as awesome as usual. It meant a lot to have friends there to capture the day. Plus it doesn’t hurt that they are oozing with talent. The sneak peeks we just saw on their blog are fabulous. Can’t wait to see all the pics!

Extra super, duper props go to our parents. We can’t thank you guys enough for all you have done for us! Not only for the wedding, but really through our whole lives. We love you and are so lucky to have such great parents and in-laws!

Stay tuned for some posts about our funtime honeymoon! We had a blast!


30 days later from now… will be the big day! It’s seriously hard to believe that it is really so close. Holy guacamole! Final plans are in full effect! Decisions being made! Selections being finalized! I think it’s going to be a fun event – hopefully everyone will feel the same!

Now is probably as good a time as any to introduce y’all to the officiant of our wedding: Dan O’Brien.

He is all one would want in a dude to preside over your wedding vow exchange. You can see it all here: thoughtful, stoic, manly and above all Irish (or of Irish descent at least).

Seriously, though, Dan is a great friend of ours and he was the first choice to be the guy to marry us. He and Brad met back in 1999, working together at cybersite/nine dots. They both were excused from their positions at that company and went on to seek their individual fortunes at separate companies. Then fate collided with circumstance, and a few years ago the dynamic duo found themselves reunited together again at CoreMedia; where they find themselves toiling away to this day. Bringing mirth, merriment and curmudgeonly ways to the hallowed halls of their office.

Dan has a great sort of irrevarant style; that will bring the right mix of seriousness and wit to the vow exchange. We wanted someone who knows us and who could really make the vows that much more meaningful. Plus, he is a writer and is going to write the vow exchange for us… it will be a surprise for all. Dan and his lovely wife Jill are proud parents of Ellie (a senior high schooler and all-around teenager); and are two of the more awesome people around and we are so pleased to have them be a part of our big day!

Plus the extra special bonus to working with Dan, Man of the Cloth – all he asks in exchange is a nice, cold bottle of Guiness. And maybe a warm Hot Pocket. A simple, man through and through.



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